about / ANNI KAILA

Anni Kaila is a Finnish contemporary dance artist, performer and maker. She graduated with a BA in contemporary dance from Amsterdam School of the Arts in 2015, and has before and after graduating worked with many different choreographers and other artists around Europe. She has an extensive background in ballet, different contemporary techniques such as floorwork and Countertechnique, and improvisation.

As well as performing in works by other artists, Anni has a great curiosity towards creating. As a performer she is also often a co-creator in the pieces she performs in. Anni’s own work is influenced by the idea of using writing and literature as a choreographic tool and performative element alongside a visceral, strong and nuanced moving body. She is especially interested in the use of improvisation and text-based scores in choreography.



Anni is also currently studying literature and environmental biology at the University of Helsinki, where she began her studies in 2010.

photo by Noora Lehtovuori