Adoxography / ANNI KAILA

© Lena Schattenberg





n. fine writing in praise of trivial or base subjects


Adoxography was shown as a part of the collective performance Meetingpoint by MTD 3 in Frascati Theater in Spring 2014. Consisting of several intertwining loops of movement, live writing and a constant sense of something unraveling, Adoxography proposed a way of sharing the performative space between the body and written word.

Performed by and created with: Moreen Beentjes, Charlotte Petersen, Almudena Ballestros Parejo, Thais Hvid, Samuel Feldhandler, Moreno Perna, Anni Kaila



Not everyone can stay and play 

some get stuck, some fade away 

we become people 

we never knew existed 

synchronised swimmers 


dog trainers 

folds of people 

just piling on each other 

a thousand foot steps a day 

then one day you wake 

to a sudden sound 

to realise the rules have changed 

and everyone's around 

everything's a stage 

and everyone's a player 

everybody hates the game 

but loves to win too much 

we go to the old playground 

we wait until it's dark 

the sandbox full of corpses 

the slide split in half 

I said I didn't do it 

I said I didn't do 

I said I didn't 

I said I 

I said 

I know not everone can play, I know the rules to every game, but what I never knew was how easy it would be to step out, fall off, break the pattern, drop between