The Waste Land / ANNI KAILA



THE WASTE LAND is based on the poem The Waste Land (1922) by modernist poet T.S. Eliot. The focus of the piece is on the ritualistic aspect and multiple voices of the poem, as the dancer goes through a series of physical and psychological transformations in an abstract and sometimes absurd landscape. The visceral physicality of the performer, Eliot's poetic imagery and the relentless music, composed by Pat Cleaver, combine in a haunting and exhaustive performance.


Read Anni Kaila's choreographic script for the piece:  The Waste Land


Performance dates:


Delft Fringe Festival   13 & 14 June 2015

Delft Fringe Night        7 May 2016

Best of the Fest           2 September 2016




★★★★ - Theaterkrant: The Waste Land - review in Dutch


Reviewed by Hans van der Maas at Delft Fringe Festival (translated by Anni Kaila):

The originally Finnish dancer Anni Kaila gives with her performance a completely new dimension to the perception of dance. The Waste Land is full of movements that seem to blend in with each other yet are all completely unique and different. -- the performance is so intriguing and Anni moves with such grace and conviction that the background of the piece becomes a very minor aspect. The most important is this: you will be sitting at the edge of your chair for half an hour as Anni Kaila leaves you feeling overwhelmed with emotion. For this the composer Pat Cleaver merits also a standing ovation.


  © Jurjen Bolsenbroek

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